Monday, 25 November 2013

Where to start...

One of the reasons why it's taking us so long to decorate our house is because we couldn't decide on the theme. And since moving into our new home, I realised that Bill and I have different definitions of what our home should be. We both agreed on comfort, kids friendly and vintage inspired. It's the "vintage" that seems to separate us a bit. Bill finds antiques from England appealing, and while beautifully carved wooden furniture is romantic, to me it doesn't speak character or charm. I'm more "retro vintage" I love quirky, colours, boldness but then I also enjoy a more coastal/provincial french to relax in and be soaked in elegance and class. Yes, I'm quite moody lol

Now, do we stick to one theme throughout the whole house or do we mix it up room by room?
Mix it up of course! Where is the fun otherwise haha my ever loving husband has gracefully agreed for me to take over and do whatever makes me happy :D

Our almost three year old daughter asked us the other morning why her (10 months old) brother is still sleeping (in his cot) in our room (oops). And it was decided then that we need to start working on his room. Two weeks later, we (or rather I) chose a dark blue paint as a feature wall. Here's hoping that it looks good....


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